Sole di Dario

Sole di Dario 2021




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TYPE: Dessert wine – sweet Vino da Tavola 2015
GRAPE VARIETIES: Sauvignon 40%, Semillon 40%, Riesling 20%.
DESCRIPTION: A golden yellow colour with amber highlights. Intense and persistent scent that are reminiscent of apricots, jam, honey, nuts and candied fruit. The flavour confirms the sensations perceived on the nose and herb-like hints give added complexity.
SERVING SUGGESTION: Rich dark chocolate, nuts, dry pastries in general and excellent with blue or strongly flavoured cheeses.
VINIFICATION: Produced during best years, after an accurate selection of bunches, grapes are arranged in boxes where they dry out until 3 months and then pressed. Must naturally decants and it’s being arranged in new French oak barriques where it ferments spontaneously and rests for 24 months.
ANALYTICAL DATA: Alchohol 13,20%, Residual Sugar 175 g/l, Acidity 7,60 g/l, Ph 3,20 .
BOTTLING: January 2024
CLOSURE: Cork stopper
TOTAL PRODUCTION: 2.900 bottles from 375 cl.


Sole di Dario

Dedicated to Cantrina’s founder and to his passion for Sauternes, Sole di Dario is the fruit of a small vineyard, next to the estate residence, planted in 1991 to sauvignon blanc and, in particular, to semillon, a grape only rarely found outside Bordeaux. This wine is produced only in the finest growing years. The clusters are selected one by one, cleaned of any imperfections, then placed in special boxes to naturally dry for 2-3 months. The vinification process aims to preserve freshness rather than create power. The wine’s high residual sugar is beautifully balanced by considerable acidity and a never-invasive alcohol. Appearing a lovely, delicate gold-yellow, it releases
ultra-refined scents of spicy candied fruit, apricot preserves, and crisp, pungent balsam in a truly fragrant bouquet. Judiciously sweet and well-proportioned on the palate, Sole di Dario is a superbly refined passito whose refreshing crispness is a delight with every sip.