Chiaretto 2018
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Chiaretto 2018

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watercolor rosé colored, like roses petals. Elegant and harmonious aroma, containing notes of fresh strawberries, delicate floral, citrus and mineral shades. Clean flavor, right sourness, very dry and with a sapid end. Elegant.

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Product Description

Chiaretto groppello 100%

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Groppello (autochthonous)

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Excellent both as an aperitif or drunk with a meal.


HARVEST: Picked by hand in mid-September

VINIFICATION: Maceration on the skins for 6 hours of the whole berries followed by pressing to get only the flower wine must. Fermentation and the few months’ maturation take place entirely in stainless steel.

ANALYTICAL DATA: Alcohol 12.90%, Total Ac. 5.80 g/l, Ph 3.25, Residual sugar 1.5 g/l, Dry extract 21.00 g/l.

BOTTLING: February 2019

TOTAL PRODUCTION: 3,600 bottles


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