About us


Cantrina is a tiny country hamlet in the Valtènesi. It lies deep in the western hinterland of Lake Garda, in the commune of Bedizzole, on the moranic hills formed many thousand of years ago by the glaciers that gave the Garda area its present contours.

“When, at the beginning of the 1990s, I created the estate that I run today together with Diego Lavo, I decided to give it the name of our little village, Cantrina. The Estate is small and completely family-run. In all we cultivate just under 6 hectares of land, split up between two different sites. We have planted 33.000 vines, initially concentrating mainly on international varieties, although we are now “rediscovering” some local vines as well. Following out first (somewhat experimental) bottles in the 1990s, the wines began to take on a distinctive style with the 2000 vintage.

Our goal is to express in our wines the unique characteristics that our small plots of land confer on the various types of grapes that we grow. We like to interpret our work in the vineyard and in the winery as an open-minded “exercise de style”, that is to say free from preconceived ideas or conditioning of any sort, but with maximum respect for the singular characteristic the nature bestows on the fruits of our vines.


Our wines convey the character of their terroir and of the people who make them, based on these elements and on my past experience in the sphere of the arts, I have sought to give our wines a very creative-and consequently unique-imprint.

The dominant factor in our wines is our splendid territory, with its extremely varied soils in which the glaciers and the river have left an obvious trace of their movements over the course of thousands of years. We have soils of medium texture and with a high clay content, which yield wines of considerable structure but also notable freshness, two characteristics that guarantee the remarkable longevity of our products”.

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